544-2016FLRBOM1 - Zodiac Variety Floor Assembled Display 108 ct

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The Zodiac Variety Assembled Floor Display comes fully set up and ready to place in your store. Products included are 6 each of Zodiac Premise 1000, Premise 2000, Regular Flea Shampoo, Dog Powerspot Smart Shield Flea & Tick under 14 kg, Dog Powerspot Smart Shield Flea & Tick over 14 kg and Double Action Flea Shampoo (355 ml). You will also receive 12 each of the following Zodiac products - Infestop Dogs under 4.5 kg, Infestop Dogs 4.6 kg to 11 kg, Infestop Dogs 11 kg to 25 kg, Infestop Dogs over 25 kg, Infestop Cats under 4 kg and Infestop Cats over 4kg.