764-58271 - Bergan Turbo Cat Toy Small Display 52 pc

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The Bergan Turbo Cat Toy Small Display contains 52 Pieces. The display includes 2 each of the following - EVA Dragonfly, EVA Toy with Bell, EVA Wobbly Toy, Vibrating Creature, Vibrating Mouse, Bouncy Stars (2 pack), Bouncy Bird, Funky Monkey, Jingle Mouse, Natural Bird, Natural Mouse, Feather Fish, Triangle Felt Mouse, Corrugated Fish, Corrugated Candy, Hairy Monster, Big Ears Mouse, Catnip Belly (Hedgehog, Mouse and Squirrel), Feather Ball, Feather Mouse, Compressed Catnip (Ball & Bird) and Catnip Refills. This fun assortment of Bergan Turbo Toys is sure to keep cats active!