764-57765 - Remington Reflective Adj. Collar & Leash Display

  • UPC: 076484577659

The Remington Reflective Adjustable Collar & Leash Display contains 28 pieces and includes 2 each of the Rope Snap Leash (in 2 patterns), 1" Reflective Adjustable Collar (in 2 sizes and 4 patterns) and 4 each of the Reflective Leash (in 2 patterns). Remington perfect for the hard-working hunting dog. The added reflective material is visible up to 600 feet away. The collars feature a unique curved, snap-lock buckle for added comfort. The leash has an easy-to-use bolt snap paired with high-quality, durable nylon for everyday use. The braided rope leash allows for quick, yet gentle correction.