764-52877 - Bergan Travel Seat Protection Display 22 pc

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The Bergan Travel Seat Protection Display contains 22 pieces. The display includes 2 each of the following - Auto Console Barrier, Auto Console Protector, Auto Cargo Protector, Classic Polyester Auto Bucket Seat Protector (navy/sand), Classic Polyester Auto Bench Seat Protector (navy/sand), Classic Polyester Hammock Seat Protector (navy/sand), Deluxe Microfiber Auto Bucket Seat Protector (morel/sand and mole), Deluxe Microfiber Auto Bench Seat Protector (morel/sand and mole) and the Deluxe Microfiber Hammock Seat Protector (mole). Bergan Seat Protectors are easy to install and remove.