727-13404 - Fromm Dog Frommbo Gumbo Hearty Stew w/ Pork Ssg 12/12.5 oz

  • UPC: 072705134045

Frommbo Gumbo with Pork Sausage is a hearty stew made with thick cuts of pork sausage, rich bone broth, potatoes, and carrots. Thick cuts of sausage made with real meat provide a taste pets love. High quality pork is a very digestible and highly palatable source of protein that provides an excellent source of essential amino acids and nutrients. Fromm's homemade, slow cooked broth is a concentrated source of nutrients and enhances the palatability of the product. Frommbo Gumbo is carefully crafted without the use of artificial or synthetic colourings, dyes or preservatives.