450-86907 - TropiClean Between the Bath Display 48 pc

  • UPC: 645095869073

The TropiClean Between the Bath Floor Display contains 48 pieces. You will receive 3 each of the following products -8 oz Papaya Mist Spray, 8 oz Berry Breeze Spray, 8 oz Baby Powder Spray, 7.4 oz Deep Cleaning Waterless Shampoo, 7.4 Hypo Allergenic Waterless Shampoo, and 7.4 oz Facial Cleanser. You will also receive 6 each of the 50 count Ear Cleaning Wipes and the 4 oz Dual Action Ear Cleaner, as well as 9 each of the 100 count Hypo Allergenic Wipes and 100 count Deep Cleaning Wipes. Everything you need to leave you pet smelling clean and fresh between bathing sessions.